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Understand critical illness insurance

This insurance pays you a lump sum benefit if you ever receive a critical illness diagnosis. The amount varies depending on your covered amount. It helps you cope with your expenses or compensate for the loss of income during your convalescence.

What types of illness are covered?

In general, illnesses such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, heart attack or stroke are considered serious conditions. But there are many others. The full list is in your insurance policy. If in doubt, ask one of our advisors to advise you about the illnesses covered by the products of each insurer.

What is the delay before benefits get paid?

Upon first diagnosis and after completion of a 30 day survival period, benefits will be paid on the 31st day.

The contract ends as soon as benefits are paid, unless you have an illness giving rise to a partial payment. In that case, the contract continues and you continue to pay your premiums normally.

Are your premiums lost in case of death?

Some contracts provide a refund of premiums in the event of death, either partial or total premiums. It is also possible, depending on the chosen option, to receive a return of premiums in the event of termination, redemption or expiry of the contract. Of course, such a refund is tax-free.

Is the payment of benefits tax-free?

Yes, the objective is to provide financial relief during the ordeal you are going through. Benefits constitute a compensation with regards to the loss of income that you may suffer from.

Can you use the money freely?

Yes, you may spend it as you wish to :

  • Cover home improvement work to improve your quality of life during your illness and convalescence ;
  • Paying for nursing care, out-of-pocket medicine, an ambulance, etc. ;
  • Compensate for loss of income, for example if your spouse stops working to better take care of you ;
  • Cover mortgage repayments.

Why apply for critical illness insurance if you already have public insurance?

Our guarantees complement the benefits paid by your public insurance. Indeed, these do not cover all of your expenses related to the purchase of specific drugs or certain treatments, for example.

Consult our advisors to answer any other questions. They will advise you in all transparency and will direct you towards the best coverage for your needs.

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